Born in 1983, Hong Kong, China


Carleton University, Master of Architecture, 2008.          
Carleton University, Bachelor of Architectural Studies, 2006.

Solo Exhibitions

Make Real, Line Gallery, North Bay, March 2016.     
One and One, LE Gallery, Toronto, November 2015.
Fortress, Convenience Gallery, Toronto, July 2013.
Let It It Be, LE Gallery, Toronto, July 2012.
Outliers & Obsolescence, LE Gallery, Toronto, September 2010.
Invalids, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, September 2009.

Two Person Exhibitions

Refractions, Open Studio, Toronto, July 2012.

Group Exhibitions

Imagined Spaces:Spaces Imagined, 310 Markham, Toronto, July 2016.
ASSEMBLE: 5 years of Contemporary Canadian Drawing, Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury, April 2016.
TBD, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto, September 2014.
Fun & Whimsy, Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY, February 2013.
Permanent Collection, Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY, December 2012.
Constructed View, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, January 2012.
Fun & Whimsy, Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY, February 2013.
Refractions, Open Studio, Toronto, July 2012.
Permanent Collection, Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY, December 2012.
Constructed View, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, January 2012.
Viewing Room, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, August 2011.
Artspin, 99 Sudbury, Toronto, August 2011.
Unstationary Station, Station Gallery, Whitby, July 2011.
LE SEPT, LE Gallery, Toronto,  May 2011.
Bungalow Colony, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, July 2010.
Visions of the Amen, The Spoke Club, Toronto, January 2010.
TOAE: Best of 2009, First Canadian Place, Toronto,  January 2010.
BOOM!, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga,  December 2009.
Elements and Principles, LE Gallery, Toronto,  November 2009.
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, July 2009.
OCAD Student-Curated Exhibition, OCAD, Toronto, December 2008.
Queen West Arts Crawl, Trinity Bellwood Park, Toronto, September 2008.



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Awards & Honours

Emerging Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council, 2013.
Design Competition Winner, Living Building Challenge, 2010.
President’s Medal Nominee, Royal Institute of British Architects, 2008.
Carleton Architecture Teron Graduate Prize, Carleton University, 2008.
Carleton University Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University, 2006.

Additional Appointments

Jury Member, Toronto Design Offsite, Toronto, ON, 2016.
Printmaking Residency, Open Studio, Toronto, ON, 2012.

Artist Talks

Making Real, Line Gallery, North Bay, ON, 2016.
Architectural Absurdity, Open Studio, Toronto, ON, 2012.

Permanent Collections

BMO Corporate Art Collection
TD Corporate Art Collection


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